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Portal users are duly informed, as per the terms established under Article 5 of Organic Law 5/1990, December 13, on the Protection of Personal Information, that the information provided by means of this website will be included in a computerised file, belonging to the website owner, and used for professional contact information in the website, for statistical purposes, and for the monitoring and sending of offers relating to products and services.

If you are not of full legal age, you require prior consent from your parents or guardians before sending your personal information via this website.

Similarly, the holder of the information shall respect the confidentiality of the information contained in the computerised file as per the terms of current applicable data protection legislation.

The user, or his/her designated representative, may, at any time, exercise the right to access, rectify, or erasure the information, as per the terms of the Spanish Law on Data Protection (LOPD) and other applicable regulations, by sending a message via our contact form.



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