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Table Salt


The Benefits of Dead Sea Salt

The waters of the Dead Sea have been renowned for their therapeutic effects since ancient times. Two thousand years ago, Flavius wrote that the salts from the Dead Sea heal the human body.

The waters from the Dead Sea are unique in that they contain 27% of various salts as compared to 3% in normal sea water. Further, while sodium accounts for approximately 80% of the salt content of normal sea water, it comprises much less of the salt total in water from the Dead Sea. The balance of the salts in Dead Sea water are magnesium, potassium, calcium chloride and bromides.

Dead sea  salt contains a higher concentration of natural minerals than any other product on the market, salt is full of minerals that your body needs and that comprise part of a natural diet. Up until 100 years ago, this is the salt that people would eat — naturally harvested sea salt.

When dead Sea salt is produced its evaporating water leaves salt residue around the shores of the sea. As part of the production process, water is pumped into evaporation pools and from there it drains back into the sea. The salt dries around the edges of the pool, while heavier minerals such as bromine and potash don’t crystallize as quickly as the other minerals and thus wash out with the water. The upper crust of the salt residue is then harvested.  From there, the salt crystals are sorted; larger crystals are used for "424 & SALZ"products while smaller crystals are further processed to make the factory’s other products.




GourmetSalt/ Natural series

Net Weight

Table Salt in Plastic Bag

Finest Natural Table Salt

1000 g

Table Salt in pocket Shaker

Finest Natural Table Salt

500 g

Table Salt in pocket Shaker Low Sodium SALT 500 g

Grinder with Glass Jar 

Low Sodium SALT

110 g

Table Salt in Plastic Bag Table Salt 25 Kg

Table Salt in Plastic Bag

Coarse Salt 

25 kg

Table Salt in Plastic Bag

Powder Salt 

25 kg

Table Salt in Plastic Bag

Low Sodium Salt

25 kg

Industrial Salt in Plastic Bag

Industrial Salt

25 kg


For now, the product is available only via WB factory;. Overseas buyers, including people in Palestine , will be able to order through the company’s website: