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Diamond Salt
Pure salt, with the deep natural flavor characteristic of Dead Sea Salt, a must have on every table and cuisine.

Black Pepper Salt
The classic combination of white salt and black pepper enriches any dish. For daily use in seasoning and cooking all types of food.

Smoked Salt
The deep flavor from the Dead Sea Salt that lends a rich smoke flavor and aroma to every meal.

Garlic Salt
The unique qualities of natural salt from Dead Sea combined with the benefits of garlic. A fascinating festival flavor. Also available in the organic series.

Garlic Salt with Pepper
The world of flavors three “tenors” salt, black pepper and garlic, make any dish a rich, spicy creation. Can be used in recipes or for individual seasoning.

Salt with hot Chili Pepper
The encounter between salty and sharp is always challenges the palate. The deep flavor of natural salt from the Dead Sea mixed with the sharp taste of chili pepper to provide a special experience.

Wild fire salt
A combination of the deep, natural flavor of coarse salt from the Dead Sea and the bold taste of Mexican jalapeno chili peppers with hot green pepper added.

Garlic Salt with Dill
An exciting encounter between the deep taste of the Dead Sea Salt and the sharp flavor of dill. The dill’s aroma enriches the experience.

Coarse Salt & Seaweed
Coarser salt with red seaweed contains potassium, iron, protein, and vitamin. Red seaweed is renowned for its health benefits, such as protecting the heart, enriched with omega – 3.

Black Coarse Salt
Black salt enriched with carbon, known as a soothing seasoning that aids indigestion. Carbon salt is used mainly to decorate various cooked dishes and savory pastries.

Golden Salt
A unique product that gives food an exotic taste with a royal touch. This salt is enriched with water thin sheets of pure 24 karat gold, used in fine restaurants around the world.

Salt Enriched with Iodine
Our bodies need iodine to produce thyroid hormones. Salt 424 enriched with iodine is the most delicious way to get the iodine our bodies need.